Understanding EMDR Therapy And How It May Benefit You

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Understanding EMDR Therapy And How It May Benefit You

Understanding EMDR Therapy And How It May Benefit You

31 May 2023
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Are you struggling with the effects of past trauma that is making it difficult for you to move on with your life? Do you find it difficult to talk about past trauma and the feelings associated with that trauma? EMDR therapy uses a unique approach to managing trauma and may be helpful if traditional therapies have not helped and can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies. 

Understanding EMDR? 

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and is a non-invasive method for treating a variety of mental disorders. The technique involves moving your eyes in a specific manner in conjunction with processing stressful and traumatic events. It is a relatively new treatment but has shown effective responses in clinical trials.

How EMDR works

Adaptive information processing is at the center of EMDR. This is in relation to the theory that your brain does not store all information the same but stores normal and traumatic events differently. Understanding the different ways memories are stored and processed can be helpful when recovering from traumatic events.

The theory believes non-traumatic memories are stored smoothly, which allows them to connect to other things you recall without any disconnect. However, traumatic memories are thought to cause a breakdown in the way memories are stored and may cause the brain to go into an offline mode. This can cause your brain to retain traumatic memories in a way that makes healing difficult because it creates a mental wound that does not heal properly.

Who may benefit from EMDR?

Adults and teens may benefit from EMDR, and some programs also specialize in treating children. If you have experienced post-traumatic stress syndrome, childhood abuse, bullying, feeling unloved by a parent, or any incident you have never come to terms with, EMDR may help. Any negative event in life can cause suppression of your thoughts and feelings.

Certain smells, sounds, and sights can trigger an anxious response when you have suppressed traumas, which can lead to panic attacks throughout the course of your lifetime if not properly managed. Using EMDR may be a good option for those who are unable to tolerate medications or who have difficulty expressing their emotions openly.

If you have struggled to manage past events that still weigh heavy on your mind, it may be beneficial to try EMDR therapy. Whether used in combination with other treatments or alone, EMDR is worth a try if you are trying to cope with any stressful life events.

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