Resolving Family Dilemmas: 4 Tips To Help Your Family Succeed At Therapy

22 Jul

No family is picture perfect—it’s true. However, unresolved arguments can begin to take their toll on all members of the family. Regardless of the argument, it’s important to get it sorted out quickly. After all, feelings of resentment or spite can really disrupt family love, togetherness, and activities. If you just can’t seem to see […]

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Become A Medical Volunteer

27 May

Whether you’ve had a family member receive treatment in a medical facility and have been touched by the care of the staff or you’re simply looking for a way to boost your resume for college or for a job, volunteering to work at a hospital is something that you might be considering. Many hospitals and […]

Health Risks Of Having A Low Self-Esteem

18 May

A common reason to seek counseling services is for help with a low self-esteem. In fact, around 85% of adults suffer from this issue, yet most will never seek help for it. Suffering from low self-esteem can not only cause you to feel depressed and unsatisfied in life, but it can also affect many other […]

3 Ways A Pet Can Ease Your Depression

16 May

Battling depression on a daily basis can be challenging. If you are struggling to keep your depression symptoms in check, then you might want to talk with your therapist about the benefits of investing in a pet. Pets can play a valuable role in the treatment of depression. The following are three ways that owning […]

3 Ways Addiction Programs Encourage Pro-Social Behavior In Teens

11 May

Because teens have unique physiological and psychological needs when dealing with a drug addiction, it is important to help them find assistance that caters to these specific needs. Many teen addiction programs can help a teen develop pro-social tendencies. Pro-social attitudes and behaviors include a willingness to follow rules, a desire and ability to connect […]

3 Ways To Help A Child Following A Traumatic Experience

7 May

After a tragedy, it is not uncommon for children to become withdrawn and experience emotional distress. In some cases, the children are able to move forward without the need for intervention. However, some children need help in handling their emotions. If your child recently experienced a tragedy, here are some ways you can help him […]

About Seeking Treatment For A Child With Anxiety Issues

5 May

Has your child been having issues with anxiety because he or she is about to start middle school for the first time? You might want to seek help from a counselor who can teach your child how to cope with anxiety.  Seeking prompt treatment for your child might help him or her get through the […]

CBT And The Use Of Medications To Treat Anxiety And Depression

4 May

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a type of therapy often used to treat anxiety and depression. It is a behavior based therapy, and one that works to reduce triggers and improve thought patterns when anxious feeling arise. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, or a combination of both, you may benefit from […]

Reasons You Should Consider Marriage Counseling

22 Apr

Many people think of marriage counseling as something you do only when your marriage is in real trouble, such as if you have considered divorce or one of the spouses has been unfaithful. However, there are other reasons to get counseling, whether you are currently having problems or not. Counseling Helps You Communicate Of the […]

5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Marriage

21 Apr

With many marriages ending in divorce these days, you may wonder if your marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Marriages can definitely be very difficult at times and may test your love for one another. However, if you and your spouse put the effort in, you can have a happier marriage. Here are five […]

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