The Appeal Of Undergoing Professional Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment

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The Appeal Of Undergoing Professional Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment

The Appeal Of Undergoing Professional Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment

24 November 2021
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As an aviator, you take pride in being able to offer your services in flying people to their long-distance destinations. You may want to take every precaution to ensure that you maintain your credentials and work in this industry for as long as possible.

However, you may face emotional and mental stresses that have driven you to use illicit substances or abuse alcohol. When you are serious about getting past your addiction and remaining a successful pilot, you can undergo professional pilot substance abuse treatment. 

Regaining Sobriety

The foremost advantage that comes with taking part in a pilot substance abuse treatment program involves regaining your sobriety. You may have tried to stop using or drinking on your own. However, the withdrawals may have been so intense and uncomfortable that you took up your addiction again.

However, when you undergo a pilot substance abuse treatment program, you can be guided toward easing yourself off of your addiction safely without giving in to the temptation to take drugs or drink again. As you work your way through the program, you may find that you experience less and less of a desire to get drunk or high. By the time that you finish the pilot substance abuse treatment, you may be able to get through a typical day without experiencing the physical cravings that went along with your addiction. 

Retaining Your Professional Credentials

You may also be able to retain or regain your professional credentials when you go through a pilot substance abuse treatment program. If you are discovered to be high or drunk while flying a plane, you could face serious repercussions like being fined or suspended. To regain the privilege of flying again and working in the aviation industry, you may need to go through pilot substance abuse treatment first.

When you complete the program, you may satisfy your employer's requirements for regaining or keeping your flying credentials. You may be able to resume your career and continue to earn a paycheck.

Finally, when you are in pilot substance abuse treatment, you are among other pilots who have the same addiction problems as you. They may empathize with what you are going through and offer support for your recovery.

Pilot substance abuse treatment can help you work toward sobriety and ease yourself off your substance dependency. It can also help you retain your aviation credentials and involve sharing your substance abuse issues with fellow pilots who may be sympathetic to your addiction struggles. 

For more information on pilot substance abuse treatment, contact a company like Lehigh Valley Counselors.

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