Things You Should Know About Marriage And Family Therapy

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Things You Should Know About Marriage And Family Therapy

Things You Should Know About Marriage And Family Therapy

7 November 2019
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When you're having problems in your life or relationships, you may not know where to turn. Trying to solve the problem yourself can be frustrating, especially when you don't have the tools to resolve it. Therapy is always a good option. In therapy, a trained psychiatric professional will help you address your issues. Marriage and family therapy is one of many various styles of therapeutic intervention, and it's extremely effective when the problem you're having involves other people in your life. Here are four things prospective patients should know about marriage and family therapy.

1. It is meant to be undertaken for a short time.

Other types of individual therapy may be ongoing, especially if you're suffering from a chronic condition. By comparison, marriage and family therapy is usually only done for a short period of time. During that time, your therapist will help you develop tools to confront your problems and change your life in positive ways. According to Psychology Today, most marriage and family therapy is undergone for 12 sessions.

2. It can be done with your family member or spouse.

Marriage and family therapy can also be a form of couples therapy. If you're having relational problems with someone in your life, attending counseling sessions together can help you discuss and resolve your differences in productive ways. If you decide to do therapy with a loved one, you both may also attend private sessions with your therapist. During these sessions, you can confide sensitive information that you're hesitant to bring up with your loved one. Your therapist can then come up with a strategy to share with the other person in the best way possible.

3. It can help people who struggle with substance abuse.

Substance abuse is a serious problem that is heavily stigmatized. Getting help can be a difficult first step to take. When you're addicted to drugs or alcohol, it affects your family members as well. Marriage and family therapy can help you overcome your personal problems with addiction. It can also help you make amends with your family members so you can all collectively heal and move forward with your lives.

4. It can help you recover after a loss.

The death of a family member or close friend can leave you reeling. If you're having trouble coping with this loss, a marriage and family therapist can offer you grief counseling. Grief counseling is designed to help you process your feelings so you can recover and start rebuilding your life.

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