About Seeking Treatment For A Child With Anxiety Issues

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About Seeking Treatment For A Child With Anxiety Issues

About Seeking Treatment For A Child With Anxiety Issues

5 May 2016
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Has your child been having issues with anxiety because he or she is about to start middle school for the first time? You might want to seek help from a counselor who can teach your child how to cope with anxiety.  Seeking prompt treatment for your child might help him or her get through the school year with less stress. In this article, you will discover what to expect when your child is treated for anxiety.

Identifying the Trigger of Anxiety

A counselor will begin treating your child by first finding out where the anxiety stems from. He or she will ask your child personal questions that are related to how he or she is treated at school. For instance, if your child is used to being bullied by other kids, it can be why he or she is so nervous about going to middle school. The counselor will also ask your child questions about his or her self-esteem because sometimes the root cause of anxiety comes from feeling unworthy or unappealing. By identifying the trigger of your child's anxiety, the counselor will be able to come up with a more precise treatment plan.

Overcoming the Fear of Middle School

After discovering the trigger of your child's anxiety, the counselor will begin helping your child to overcome his or her fear. Overcoming the fear of middle school might involve your child participating in activities that involves his or her peers. For instance, the counselor might give your child assignments that include visiting teen centers and other hangout places that will allow him or her to get into the habit of being more social. The counselor might also ask your child to participate in exercise that can help with building a more positive perspective about how he or she looks. Your child might participate in writing down all of the good traits that he or she has.

Prescribing Medication to Promote Calmness

If your child has an extreme case of anxiety, the counselor might prescribe medication for treating anxiety. Your child can get a prescription for a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which is classified as an antidepressant. The drug will basically regulate the neurotransmitters in your child's brain that are responsible for regulating his or her mood. The neurotransmitters will remain in your child's brain a little longer before they are reabsorbed into nerve cells. Make an appointment for your child to visit a counselor for anxiety about middle school as soon as possible.

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