5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Marriage

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5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Marriage

5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Marriage

21 April 2016
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With many marriages ending in divorce these days, you may wonder if your marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Marriages can definitely be very difficult at times and may test your love for one another. However, if you and your spouse put the effort in, you can have a happier marriage. Here are five effective ways you can strengthen your marriage:  

Give Sincere Compliments

When you have been married to a person for a while, you may think it is no longer necessary to compliment each other. However, giving one another sincere praise can do a lot of good for your marriage. For example, if your spouse cooked a great meal tonight, let him or her know how delicious it tasted and that you look forward to more fantastic meals.

Apologize When You're Wrong

During arguments with your spouse, you can say something you do not mean. If you said something hurtful to your significant other, make sure to apologize. Tell your spouse you are sorry for saying hurtful things and that you will be more careful with your words next time.

Be More Spontaneous

Whether you have been married for five or 20 years, it is a good idea to be spontaneous. If you do the same things with your spouse every day, life can get pretty boring. Do not be afraid to take a spur of the moment weekend trip to Las Vegas or try a new hobby with each other, like kayaking or taking a pottery class.  

Do Chores for Your Spouse

It's a nice gesture to occasionally do your spouse's chores. If your spouse has been very busy at work and seems stressed, do all the housework. Your significant other will appreciate it and know that you truly care for him or her.

Communicate Your Feelings

Infrequent communication is one of the worst things for a marriage. Some of the things you communicate about will probably be unpleasant, but not talking about them will make things even worse. Sit down with your spouse in a quiet room and tell him or her how you're feeling. After you've made your point, listen carefully to your significant other's response. The two of you will feel so much better after you've talked through your issues. 

If you follow these helpful tips, you can improve your marriage. However, if you are still experiencing issues with your marriage, consider seeing a marriage counselor (such as one from Your Talk Time). 

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