Creative Financing Options That Can Help Pay For Drug Rehab

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Creative Financing Options That Can Help Pay For Drug Rehab

Creative Financing Options That Can Help Pay For Drug Rehab

20 April 2016
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Although it can cost up to $25,000 or more to obtain treatment through a drug rehab program, the price of getting off drugs is likely to be cheaper than the long-term cost of remaining addicted. Unfortunately for many people, the cost of treatment is a barrier to receiving the help they need to become sober. Here are two creative financing ideas that can help pay some or all the cost of rehab and make the goal of kicking the drug habit much more obtainable.

Online Fundraising Website

Crowdfunding has become a popular way for people to obtain financing for a variety of things, from emergency housing to developing video games. If you have a compelling story or can at least write your story in a fascinating and inspiring way, you could get people to donate money towards your recovery.

You can find a number of donation websites, such as GoFundMe, that let you set up a personal page where people can donate money to you. The money is placed in a central fund, and you can transfer it to a bank account once you've reached your goal.

One of the biggest challenges you'll run into with this option is making people aware of your fundraising efforts. You can post about it on social media sites like Facebook. Another option is to blog about your life and desire to get clean, providing a reality-show-type angle to get people interested in helping you. A third option is to contact media outlets to see if anyone would be interested in covering your story, which can garner a lot of attention.

If you're having difficulty functioning because of your addiction, have someone you trust help you run the campaign. It's probably best to do this anyway, as people may be hesitant to donate directly to you out of fear the money might be used to purchase drugs. Having a third party manage the donations can help dispel these fears and prevent you from being tempted to use the cash for other things.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships

There are a variety of private and charitable organizations that provide scholarships and grants to individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse and addiction. In fact, treatment facilities often set aside scholarship funds for those that may need financial assistance getting treatment, so it's a good idea to check with rehab centers to see if this is a viable option.

You can find out about many of the organizations offering drug treatment scholarships or grants by searching online. Rehab centers, social assistance agencies, and even medical facilities can also provide information about organizations offering grants or scholarships for treatment.

Be aware, through, that these programs generally have requirements applicants must meet to be eligible for the money. For instance, the Sobriety Optimization League requires applicants to provide proof their insurance providers and support groups are not willing or able to pay for the treatment, among other things. Others may have income or residency requirements or obligate you to participate in a specific program such as Narcotics Anonymous for a particular period of time. Be sure to do you research and are able to fulfill the commitment required of you.

For more information, contact Olalla Recovery Centers or a similar organization.

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